Eugene Granoff works as a corporate consultant, and while he hoped to find success in the corporate world- nothing ever seems to go his way. Everywhere Granoff goes, chaos seems to follow him, and after being let go from several different companies due to his bad luck, he founded his own business consulting firm, Granoff Consulting. But, the disasters didn’t stop there. Granoff Consulting was doomed from the start, and these are the stories of Eugene Granoff’s misfortunes.

All about Eugene Granoff

Eugene always had bad luck. As early as elementary school, Granoff found himself in some pretty sticky situations. From accidentally gluing himself to his desk chair in 4th grade, to the time he tripped over his graduation gown in front of the entire student body when he graduated from high school, Eugene just couldn’t catch a break. 

He’s been unsuccessful in his relationships, is afraid of most animals (so he can’t have pets), and has found it difficult to earn a living because something always goes wrong. He misses his flights, gets stuck in traffic, or winds up involved in some other catastrophe that often prevents him from even being able to make his consulting appointments. Hopefully one day Eugene can find happiness and become successful, but until then, he’ll surely be getting himself into trouble.

Granoff’s First Day as a Corporate Consultant

As if Eugene hasn’t had it bad enough, his first day as a corporate business consultant for a multi-million dollar consulting firm was one for the books. It all started when Granoff’s supervisor sent him on a consulting session with a high powered criminal defense lawyer in New York City. 

To get to the appointment, Eugene had to take the subway to 51st, but was shocked when the subway was delayed by a group of dancing mimes who refused to stop “busting a move” long enough for the doors to safely close!

So many bad things happened in his past, and Eugene does have a passion for miming, so he just couldn’t resist joining the dance crew with his outrageous dance moves. If he was going to miss his consultation, he figured, he might as well have fun doing it. Needless to say, that was Granoff’s last day at his first consulting job. 

This Is only the Beginning

Eugene Granoff might be a walking disaster, but he is a lovable character who you can’t help but root for. With a great sense of humor and the best intentions, Granoff is sure to captivate you with his charming outlook on life and dedicated perseverance.