Does NC Workers Comp Change if You Get a New Job?

Workers comp is a form of insurance that provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees who get injured at the workplace while undertaking their duties. If you are employed in Greenville, or any other city in North Carolina, you are entitled to receive compensation from your employer when you suffer a workplace accident.

What happens to your workers compensation if you change jobs? What if you get a new offer while receiving workers comp benefits from your employer after a workplace injury? Will the benefits cease? Should you wait until after receiving full compensation to change jobs?

Well, as a guide, here is a quick overview of NC workers comp and what happens when you get a new job.

Does NC Workers Comp Change if You Get a New Job?

Every employer in NC is required by the law to carry workers comp for their employees. Therefore, when you change jobs, your new employer is required to cover you against workplace injuries. In this case, your workers comp will change from the old employer to the new one. Therefore, if you suffer an accident at the new workplace, it is your new employer’s insurance that will cover the medical benefits and any wage loss suffered due to the injury.

But what if you are already injured and are receiving benefits from your old employer?

Your workers comp benefits shouldn’t change. You are still entitled to continue receiving medical benefits from the old employer. That’s because the accident occurred while you were still covered by their insurance. If the injury worsens or you need additional treatment, your workers comp rights remain the same as if you hadn’t changed jobs.

If your previous employer tries to complicate the compensation plan, you can find a Greenville work comp attorney to help you to follow-up the case and possibly sue your old employer for denying you rights to medical benefits after an accident that occurred with their company.

What to Do Before Accepting a New Job

If you are off work due to an injury and you receive a job offer from a different company, it is essential to follow due process. First, don’t make a commitment to report to the new workplace before ascertaining that you are physically and mentally fit to do the job. Visit your doctor and get some tests done to affirm that you are ready to report to the new job. Additionally, ensure that your new duties will not worsen your current injuries.

It is also important to notify the workers comp insurance company before accepting the new job. Let them know that you will be working for a new company. You may also outline the pay and let them know when you will start working. Notifying the company will prevent any misunderstanding in the future, especially if you need to continue receiving benefits for a temporary partial disability (TPD).


Leaving your current job for a new one should not affect any medical benefits or wage replacement that you are currently receiving after a work-related injury. However, some employers will try to argue that their legal responsibility ends once you decide to leave the company and change jobs. If this happens, hire a workers comp attorney in Greenville so that they can help ensure that you still get compensated even after leaving your old employer.

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