Eugene Granoff is a busy man, what with his growing consulting firm and various disasters he seems to find himself in. However, one thing Eugene always makes sure to find time for, is his family. Granoff comes from a big family of seven other siblings, and when his mother told him everyone would be coming down to their childhood home in Virginia to celebrate Thanksgiving, there was no question that Eugene would also be heading home for the holidays. 

Like any large family, Eugene’s is very loud and in your face. They all want to know everything about your life and will always have an opinion about your life choices. It’s all out of love, of course, but Eugene’s family is always particularly concerned for him considering his lifetime of bad luck. So when Granoff told his younger brother, Edward, that he had to make it to a quick consultation at the same office as the locally renowned Halperin Law Center, Edward insisted on tagging along.

Eugene was feeling pretty great about this possible client and was looking forward to the big Thanksgiving meal he and his family would be enjoying the following morning. So, when Edward and Eugene stumbled upon an elderly woman struggling with a large box outside of a flower shop, there was no question that they would stop to help. 

As the men attempted to lift the box onto a large truck parked outside, Edward suddenly screeched and dropped the box. As the box hit the ground, there must have been ten fully-grown turkeys inside it! There were squawking turkeys everywhere, and the old woman was screaming at Edward and Eugene to get her babies back into the box. 

At first, the guys were running left and right trying to catch the turkeys. Eugene was actually able to get ahold of one and get it back inside of the box. After some time, it became clear that these turkeys had no intention of being caught. 

As the rest of the turkeys waddled around the main road, Eugene and Edward had to know why the old woman had so many turkeys. As it turns out, the old woman had rescued these turkeys from a nearby slaughterhouse that had planned on selling the fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving Day. 

Eugene, once again, did not make it to his scheduled appointment, but luckily, the client had a sense of humor and thought Eugene was a riot. On Thanksgiving Day, both Edward and Eugene passed when their mother offered them a serving of fresh turkey.