Frequently Seen Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Riding a motorcycle is not just fun, it is also a convenient way to get around, especially in busy city streets. However, motorcycles are dangerous for a number of reasons. For starters, there is no cabin surrounding the rider. This means that the rider is exposed when they crash. This leads to serious injuries and even fatalities. Second, the rider must balance on two wheels, which is risky on busy highways and city streets. To improve motorcycle safety, motorcycle riders should always wear an appropriate helmet, goggles, padded trousers and jackets, and motorcycle riding boots. In addition, the jacket should have reflectors to improve visibility on the road. To further improve safety on the road, motorcycle riders should never drink and drive. Responsible driving, such as riding the bike under the speed limit, observing traffic signals and following all the traffic rules improve motorcycle safety.

Most Frequent Motorcycle Injuries

Head injuries are perhaps the most common motorcycle crash injuries. When riding a motorcycle on a busy or abandoned road, your could hit the hard surface on the road, a nearby vehicle, guard rail, or trees with your head if involved in a crash. To mitigate head injuries, motorcyclists should always wear a helmet, even when driving over short distances. The helmet should provide protection for all the key areas, including the back of the head, jaws and cheeks, so buy an approved motorcycle helmet.

Neck injuries are also quite common. In many cases, motorcycle riders who injure their head also suffer neck injuries with varying levels of severity. Bone fractures, especially in the hands, legs and pelvis, are also quite common. Spinal injuries happen often, as well, and they are just as serious as neck and head injuries. They often lead to permanent disability due to paralysis of a section of the body. Skin abrasion are reported in almost every motorcycle crash, and can vary in severity depending on the nature of the crash.

Getting Compensation

If you live in a no-fault state, you will be compensated for the injuries you sustained during the motorcycle crash. If you live in a fault state, officials must first complete an investigation to determine who was at fault before you can get motorcycle crash compensation. Hiring a competent motorcycle accident lawyer ensures that you get the desired outcomes.