It’s no secret that Eugene Granoff leads an often difficult life. He is fortunate in that he had a relatively normal upbringing and is able to support himself, but the fact is that bad things happen to Eugene all the time. Being so accident prone has had some benefits though, and Granoff has had the luxury of being able to enjoy some pretty wild adventures over the years. However, experiences will, unfortunately, only take you so far.

It was getting to the point where clients were starting to drop Eugene’s consulting firm due to all the mishaps he seemed to have. They, understandably, wanted a consultant they could count on in times of need and Granoff just wasn’t that. Any time he had anything even remotely important come up, so did some kind of catastrophe. 

Finally, Granoff was down to just two clients, and these were friends of his who understood how he worked and why he was the way he was. He was almost starting to feel as though he hadn’t really earned their business, and with all the monthly bills coming in, he knew he had to do something, but he just wasn’t sure what.

Money had gotten so tight, he was looking for a part-time job so he could stay afloat. One day, he had a job interview at a retail store at the local mall. It was heading into the Christmas season, so everyone was looking for seasonal employees. Eugene was dreading the interview because he knew something terrible was going to happen that day, like it always does. 

He made it to the mall just fine, and was on his way to the retail store, nerves racing, when he was suddenly knocked over by a motorized Santa sleigh driven by the one and only Santa Claus himself. When he fell, he hit his head on the floor and needed to be transported to the hospital, and missed his interview. When he awoke in the hospital, the rogue Santa Claus was sitting next to him. 

“Oh thank goodness you’re okay,” said Santa.

“Yea, no thanks to you,” said a very disgruntled Eugene. 

“Sorry man, it was my first time driving that thing, I had no idea how fast it was going to go!”

“You made me miss my interview, though, so thanks,” a very annoyed Granoff replied.

“Hey, I’m really sorry. Look, maybe I can make it up to you. You’re looking for work?” 

“What, the North Pole is hiring?” sighed Granoff.

Santa laughed and took off his hat and beard, “No, but I’m a lawyer and I could use some help filing in the office. If you want the job, it’s yours, it’s the least I could do,” said Santa. “By the way, my name’s Jimmy Kincaid.”

“Jimmy Kincaid of Kincaid Law Offices?” said Eugene, incredulously.

Jimmy laughed again, “That’s the one. You’ve heard of us?” 

Eugene couldn’t believe his luck. Kincaid Law Offices was the biggest law firm in the city, and he knew he would only have this one opportunity to keep his consulting firm afloat. 

“Well since you mentioned it…” 


To be Continued