As a traveling corporate consultant, Eugene is always traveling for work. He was especially excited for his upcoming trip to meet with a personal injury attorney in Nashville because he knew he would have plenty of time to see the sights of the city and enjoy some delicious southern food. However, with Eugene, nothing ever goes as planned, and his trip to Tennessee was going to be no different. 

Travelling to Nashville

Granoff knew that he had a bad habit of always missing or being late to his appointments, and for this reason, he made sure to get up five hours before he had to leave for his 7 a.m. flight out of LaGuardia. Ready to finally get his business on the right track, Eugene made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. He checked his bags and sat down to wait to board his flight. 

He was so proud of himself—he didn’t even close his eyes to nap once, even though he had been up since 2 a.m. Unfortunately, bad luck seems to follow Eugene everywhere, because even though he had done everything right, he was once again delayed. But this time, it was due to the fact that an elderly woman was detained going through the body scanner. 

Turns out, she was attempting to smuggle Tanzania’s rarest monkey, the kipunji, into the country underneath her blouse. When the TSA employees attempted to detain Bubbles, as the old lady adoringly named him, he ran straight for Eugene. 

He spent the next hour trying to coax the monkey down from the top of his head. Sadly, Eugene missed his flight to Nashville and had to catch one for the following morning. 

Always a Country Music Lover

Thankfully, Eugene did eventually make it into Nashville, despite having to push back his consultation. As an avid country music lover, Eugene felt he needed a break after the rough airport experience and what better place to unwind than Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry?! 

He took in a pre-show meal at the Opryland Hotel where he was staying, saw Dolly Parton perform, and closed out the night with cocktails and live country music performances at The Nashville Palace. 

See You Again, Opry

Eugene’s trip to Nashville was an overall success. He managed to make his client happy, and had much-needed fun exploring what Nashville has to offer. Granoff might always seem to be involved in some kind of shenanigans, but for now, he’s planning his next trip to Nashville and hopes to visit Madame Tussauds.