There are few holidays that excite Eugene Granoff as much as Halloween. Ever since he was a young child, he loved dressing up, trick-or-treating, and eventually, hosting one heck of a Halloween party.

Since opening his own business, he thought hosting his annual Halloween party at the office could be a great opportunity to get his name out there…

If only he could get through the night without a disaster.

Granoff spent weeks getting the party together and picking out his costume. He decided to spend this Halloween dressed up as Fred Flintstone, and Eugene’s new girlfriend, Jasmine, would dress up as Wilma to complete their couple costume.

Eugene worked with Jasmine to decorate the office like a haunted house, complete with skeletons that would jump out at the guests to scare them. They prepared Halloween treats that included peeled grapes to represent eyeballs, and cold spaghetti that was meant to represent brains.

He had only one rule: No one was allowed to use a Ouija board at the party. 

His relationship with Jasmine was still new. He knew she worked as an attorney for a personal injury lawyer but he still needed to learn more about her. He didn’t want to make a bad impression, so when she pulled out a Ouija board, he tried not to let his annoyance get the better of him. 

Granoff worked so hard on this party, and he really seemed to be making a name for himself, so he was alarmed at what could possibly go wrong with the Ouija board.

Now, Eugene doesn’t believe in ghosts, but after his Halloween party, he was left questioning his beliefs.

Eugene sat next to Jasmine as she and her girlfriends pretended to summon spirits, dreading what might happen next. Seemingly, the Ouija board was unsuccessful in producing any ghosts. Relieved, Eugene put the board away.

However, in the lobby of the office/haunted house, things immediately took a turn for the worse. Eugene’s haunted house was meant in good fun, not to be legitimately terrifying. 

But after Jasmine took out the Ouija board, the skeletons seemed to come to life! The grapes had turned into real eyeballs! The spaghetti became real brains! The partygoers began to panic when they realized what was going on. Props were thrown violently around the room and the guests ran out of the party in terror.

Eventually, things settled down enough for Eugene to go back inside, but he had no idea what he was going to do if his office was now being haunted by a poltergeist. In all his years, he knew the more he paid attention to it, the stronger it would become. So, he resolved to go about his business and pretend as though this was all a part of the party.

To save his reputation, he asked Jasmine’s friend, who worked as a reporter, to write a story about how realistic his haunted house Halloween party was, touting it as the best Halloween party the town had ever seen.

Though the party was ultimately a disaster, Eugene finally learned that he could turn his bad luck into something more than just disaster.