On the last weekend before labor day, Eugene Granoff planned to enjoy the great outdoors one final time before he really focused on building up his small, corporate consulting firm. 

Eugene is an avid hiker and was visiting his mother in Utah, who works as a SLC personal injury lawyer, when he decided to head out to Mount Olympus on Saturday afternoon. Little did he know, the trails he had visited as a child were far different than he remembered. 

One Wrong Turn at Pete’s Rock


Pete’s Rock is a bouldering area where hikers can climb, and Eugene knew it well from his younger years when he was far more adventurous. When he passed the trailhead and made a left-hand turn, he made a serious mistake, as heading left brought him further into the hiking trails and into a more wooded area, while heading right would have brought him back out to where his car was parked. 

An Encounter with Bigfoot

Eugene continued to hike at first, oblivious to the fact that he had taken a turn in the wrong direction. Once the sun began to set, Eugene realized he had been going in the wrong direction all along. By now, the trails had become less clear, and Eugene found himself in the middle of the woods unsure of which way to go. 

All of his training told him to stay put so he would be easier to find if he needed rescuing, but Eugene grew up on these trails and figured he had it covered. He turned back the way he thought he came, which was actually even further into the forest. When night fell, he decided to make a small camp and shelter so he would be able to rest up for a couple of hours until the sun came back up. 

While he was gathering firewood, Eugene began to hear some rustling of the leaves behind him and became very afraid. What if there were wolves or coyotes or even a mountain lion out there?! Unfortunately, Eugene’s predicament was much worse, as he was being stalked by a more fearsome creature… Bigfoot

Now, many people are under the impression that bigfoot doesn’t exist, but Eugene tells a different story. When Bigfoot came up behind Eugene, he turned around and couldn’t help but scream—and when Eugene screams, he sounds like a whoopie cushion after swallowing one as a child. Bigfoot has a sense of humor and couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when Eugene screamed. 

The giant’s hysteria gave Eugene pause long enough to also begin to laugh and the two sat down and enjoyed s’mores together after building a fire—you didn’t think Bigfoot was an unsocialized, feral animal did you?

A Rescue to Remember

Bigfoot and Eugene spent the night in Eugene’s makeshift shelter and in the morning, after enjoying some left over trail mix, Bigfoot helped Eugene make his way out of the woods and back onto the hiking trail so he could get back home after getting lost on Mount Olympus. 

Every year since, Eugene gets a postcard with a beautiful Utah mountain scene. It’s never signed, but Eugene has a feeling it’s Bigfoot, keeping in touch.