Whenever Eugene Granoff has to travel for his work as a consultant, he always tries to find something to do in the area he is visiting. Unfortunately, it seems like any time Eugene tries to do anything out of the ordinary, he winds up in some sort of trouble, and of course, his trip to North Carolina would turn out to be no different. 


Granoff had plans to meet with a Charlotte personal injury lawyer over dinner one Friday night, and figured while he was in the area, he would spend the day doing something exciting. Eugene is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and he is always interested in trying new things. He quickly discovered the National Whitewater Center, which is known for is whitewater rafting, ziplines, and biking trails. 

Eugene knew he didn’t have enough time in the day to do it all, so he figured he would at least do some biking. An avid hiker and overall health conscious person, Granoff has always been passionate about spending time in the great outdoors. He purchased his day pass to the Center and got on his mountain bike. 

Always a curious guy, Eugene knew he should stay on the biking trails so he wouldn’t get lost, but he just couldn’t resist the urge to follow the sound of rushing water. Also passionate about photography, Eugene thought he could get some excellent photos of the Catawba River while on his bike. 

As he traveled off the beaten path and towards the river, his bike pedals became entangled in some vine, and suddenly threw Eugene from his mountain bike. As he flew through the air, he was catapulted off of the ridge overlooking the river. Granoff passed out during the fall and when he awoke, he was on the side of the river soaking wet. 

Eugene tried to gather his bearings and figure out what happened when staff from the Center came running. It turns out that a friendly Bobcat, who the staff named Will Feral, came running to staff members and directed them towards Eugene before heading back into the forest. Without the help of Will Feral, Eugene might have developed hypothermia as the sun went down. 

He was transported by helicopter to the local hospital to be checked out physically after his accident, and, of course, was unable to make his consulting appointment.