Qualifying For Social Security Disability

Qualifying for social security disability is not an easy task. Two out of every three people who applies for social security disability is rejected for one reason or another. In addition to being a difficult task it is a task that can take months to accomplish. On average, it takes up to five months to hear whether you have been approved. Learn all you can about the process to give yourself the best chance of being approved.

When it comes to qualifying for social security disability, there are five criteria that are used to determine your eligibility.

Current Employment Status

The Social Security administration will want to know if you are capable of working at this point. If you are working, they will want to know if your capacity of working is enough to ensure gainful activity. In other words, are you working enough hours to pay your bills? If you are, it is likely that your disability application will be denied. If you are not working enough the administration will go on to the next criteria.

Condition Severity

The actual severity of your condition must be illustrated to the administration. Your condition must last for a certain duration to be considered for disability. The reported condition must last continuously for a period of at least 12 months to be considered a condition requiring Social Security disability benefits.

Listed Impairment

Even if you meet the first two criteria, the administration is not likely to approve disability if your condition is not on the list of qualified impairments. That is right, there is a list of impairments that the administration deems as worthy of disability. If your condition is not on this list your chances of receiving disability is greatly reduced.

Your Previous Employment

When apply for disability the government will not only look at your current employment, they will also look at your previous employment. If you are not able to do your current job the administration will want to know if you are capable of doing your previous job. If you are capable, it is most likely you will not win your claim.

Other Employment

This is the last on the line of criteria to pass. If you are not able to do either your previous or current job, the administration will want to know if there is any job which you are capable of doing. They will consider your age, education, work experience, physical and mental impairment to determine if you are capable of gainful employment.