Eugene has been accident-prone his entire life, and yet he still manages to have a positive outlook and not let his past mistakes and misfortunes get the best of him. This is partly because there has always been one place where Granoff doesn’t have to worry about being injured in an accident or getting into any other kind of trouble, and that’s the beach. But, not just any beach, the Davis Islands Beach just south of the Tampa Bay. 

After a particularly difficult week when he missed not one, but two opportunities to meet with a personal injury lawyer in Tampa who could have been brought on as a client, Eugene knew he needed to take some time to regroup and pull himself together. It didn’t matter that there was an actual lion on the Selmon Greenway Expressway or that he had gotten just close enough to snap a selfie with the carnivore. What mattered was that his business was suffering, and he needed to unwind before he figured out what his next steps should be.

He booked an Airbnb right on the ocean and spent the next couple of days sleeping, sunbathing, and relaxing with the sound of the waves all around him. Just before he was due to leave, he began to grow more and more anxious. He couldn’t seem to stop thinking about work and what he should do to stay more focused on his job and less on his surroundings. However, he was determined to enjoy his last day work-free, so he rented a little sailboat and sailed from the harbor. He never felt more at peace than he did when surrounded by the ocean. 

As the sun was setting, he noticed some storm clouds in the distance and began to make his way back to the dock. The boat continued to cut through the water like butter, until suddenly it was like he was the Titanic slamming into the iceberg! Except, it wasn’t an iceberg that he hit. In fact, Eugene had no idea what he had hit because there was no land close by and he couldn’t see anything below the water. 

That’s when he seemed to “hit” something once more. At this point, Eugene realized that he wasn’t hitting something, but rather something was hitting him. As he peered closer at the water a 10 foot great white shark came up through the water toward Eugene. He stumbled back in shock. The shark was swimming straight into the boat over and over again. Granoff knew that if he didn’t do something, it wouldn’t be long before the boat capsized. 

Fortunately, Eugene knows a thing or two about life on the water, and had brought with him some mollusks and crustaceans, just in case he ran into any issues with sharks. He dumped one of the buckets of food into the water to distract the shark, and continued on toward the beach. The shark followed him for miles until Eugene finally ran out of food and was back on the harbor. 

Sitting back in his room that night, Eugene realized that even though he kept getting into these crazy situations, his life was exciting, and he knew that the right clients for him would be understanding of that . . .or so he thought. 

To Be Continued . . .