When we last saw Eugene, he was recovering after almost being eaten by a 10-foot shark. Granoff had come to accept the fact that he would always be accident prone, and that any clients he took on would need to be understanding of that. Unfortunately, the business world has very little patience for existential crises and walking disasters. Granoff continued to seek success in his consulting firm, but everywhere he turned, he found chaos. 

On a day like any other, Eugene had traveled to Northern Ireland to meet with a client. He wasn’t surprised to be held up in traffic, but when he discovered the reason for the hold-up, he was truly surprised.

It turned out that the production company making Game of Thrones was filming scenes for an upcoming episode that took place in the North. Eugene is a huge GoT fan, so he knew he had to get as close to the action as possible. He parked his car and walked towards the crowd. There, he watched the scenes being filmed with other on-lookers for a time before wandering away to see if he could get a closer look.

Ever the curious soul, Granoff peeked his head into one of the tents. There, he saw one of the swords the set used to film sword fights. Eugene couldn’t believe his luck! He picked up the sword and began to practice swinging the sword around, as if he were a part of the show. He thought he was just having a quick laugh on his own when he sliced the tent, pretending it was Jamie Lannister when he was shocked to hear the sound of someone clapping behind him.

A young woman was standing there, clapping at his theatrics. “You’re pretty good with that sword,” she said laughing. Eugene was a little embarrassed and turned red while saying, “Sorry, I’m a big fan, just having some fun.”

The woman took the sword and told him not to worry. Then she said the unthinkable— “Ever been an extra?” Eugene was completely taken aback. “We need extras to film a scene called “Battle of the Bastards” and you’ve got quite a good arm!” Granoff happily accepted her offer and spent the rest of the day on-set, filming with the case of one of his favorite television shows. 

When Eugene got home for the day, he was a little disappointed, since he had missed the appointment with his potential client. He sadly picked up the phone to explain himself but was pleasantly surprised to find out that his potential client had also missed the meeting because they were watching Game of Thrones film a battle scene.