You may or may not know that Eugene is a big fan of Halloween. Not just Halloween itself,  but he loves horror movies, haunted houses, and everything that comes with the excitement of being scared. Every chance he gets he goes on haunted house tours and is obsessed with television shows discussing hauntings and ghosts. 

Eugene isn’t just a superfan, though. He also considers himself to be quite the expert on historical haunt spots and famous murders. So, when he had the opportunity to meet with a Texas personal injury and criminal defense law firm he had been hoping to take on as a client, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit one of Texas’ most haunted buildings: The Yorktown Memorial Hospital. 

History of Yorktown Memorial Hospital

The Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church built and operated Yorktown Memorial Hospital in the 1950s, but it was eventually shut down in 1986 by the state when the staff were unable to keep the patients in order after it had been turned into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. It is estimated that in the almost forty years it was open, more than 2,000 people died there. 

It has become a hot spot of paranormal activity; even the abandoned building caretaker claims to have experienced countless instances of apparitions and other ghostly encounters. 

Eugene was hoping to experience some paranormal activity of his own on this trip, but since Yorktown is four hours away from his consultation, he knew he wanted to do his haunted house tour the night before his meeting—that way he would actually be on time! But, as we all know, Granoff is not known for his punctuality.

Granoff’s Haunted Tour

His haunted tour of the Yorktown Memorial Hospital was set to begin at 8:00pm and last for two hours. The tour started off spooky enough, as the tour guides brought the group through the nurses station and old patient rooms. But, there was no actual sign of any ghosts, and Eugene was really anxious to encounter a spirit. 

As the group made their way through the psychiatric ward, Granoff heard the scuffle of feet down the corridor next to him. Rather than do the logical thing and ignore it, Eugene decided to investigate. Without even a flashlight to guide him, he made his way down the corridor and was shocked when the door at the end suddenly slammed shut. Now he was terrified, and decided that maybe it was time to head back to the group, but the ghosts in his presence had other things in mind. 

As he made his way down hallway after hallway in search of his tour group, one particular poltergeist had taken an interest in Granoff and decided it was time to show him some real paranormal activity! Now, in most haunted houses, reported paranormal activity is often sinister or violent, but the Yorktown poltergeist is something more. 

The poltergeist drove Granoff to the area he haunts most, the children’s ward, by slamming doors and making lights flicker, he wanted Eugene to know he wasn’t trying to scare him, he only wanted someone to play with. When Granoff finally was in the room the ghost had stayed in when he was living, the poltergeist started a tickle fight with Eugene. He tickled him over and over until Eugene was bursting with laughter. 

That was when Granoff realized that he had an encounter with a child’s ghost, and that not all ghosts are out to scare the living. Granoff was sad to have to leave his new ghost friend, but he had an important meeting the next morning that—no surprise— he was now going to be late for.