Our old friend Eugene decided on a whim one day that he was going to take an extended vacation to Scotland. He has family out there and thought it might be a good time to take a break. 

After missing an appointment with attorneys at the Nye Law Group, a client who could have been a game-changer for Granoff, he was feeling deeply depressed about where his consulting firm was headed and if he had really chosen the right career, considering his bad luck. With that in mind, it was an excellent opportunity to take charge of his life and that was going to start by going back to his Scottish roots. 

The Black Isle



Eugene’s aunt lives on the coast of the Black Isle, a beautiful, mountainous area that is something out of a movie, it’s that breathtaking. He told himself he would be in Scotland for just one week, so he wanted to get the most out of this experience. He spent most days hiking in the mountains and painting the landscape surrounding them, and Eugene started to feel at peace. 

He was starting to think that maybe he needed to relocate to find the success and happiness he had been searching for, and Scotland could be the right place for him. He’d just have to go back to the states to pack up his apartment and pick up Cookie, his Bernese mountain dog, who he knew would love the great outdoors as much as Eugene did. 

Creatures in the Water

But at this point in his life, Eugene knew he was known for making irresponsible, spontaneous decisions, and with a choice like this, he really wanted to be sure he was making the right one. His cousin Calum recommended they head out to the highlands to do some whale and dolphin watching while Eugene considered his options. 

With the open water surrounding them, he felt a sense of calm come over him. When Calum yelled for Eugene to “Look!” he expected to see an enormous whale tail splashing the water. Instead, Eugene was stunned when what could only be described as a half-dinosaur, half platypus creature came up out of the water and spouted water right into Eugene’s face! He was stunned. 

The creature then continued to circle the boat and drench Eugene with a mouthful of water. He assumed it was just some type of whale he had never seen before, but Calum later explained that this was Nessie, the loch ness monster, whose favorite color happens to be purple. The same color purple, in fact, of the hat Eugene was wearing when he went fishing. Apparently Nessie had taken a liking to Eugene and was attempting to play. 

Eugene thought to himself, as he packed his bags to return home. He wondered why he always had such interesting encounters, but began to think that maybe he needed to think of them as adventures rather than misfortunes.